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new posters and old: have you considered following Alt Text Reminder? @alt_text

its a bot made by my pal @soft_chomps that reminds me when i get so excited to post i forget alt text for my images. it dms me quietly and doesn't sound pushy at all about it too!

if you're having a hard time adjusting to the format of posting here, this can help - and honestly it helped me just now, months in, so i still need it!

either way i hope you have a good time here! love, sleepy opo :ms_opossum: 💚

OH i should post these too! my old pride flag arts #mastoart

@masanbol This otter teaching a human how to pet it gets me every time

Just FYI for anybody who missed it, I'm generally hanging over at @cattebune atm while I fuck wit pleroma.

when you and a fedi friend are coop shitposting

DistributionNotFound: The 'mock' distribution was not found and is required by the application


por que certbot?

aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd we're back in business

Artists, please make sure you stretch regularly, and dont overwork yourselves too much

One of my online buddies drew this for me 💜
Curious, boopable Shork 🦈
Don't boop tho 😣


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A place for people with glasses (and one person who needs them but refuses to get them).